How to Make up after Fighting with your Partner

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how to make up with partnerEvery relationship is different from one another.  The issues in one relationship are not the same issues that the other relationships have. There are different faces. But one thing is common about relationships. There are problems. There are dilemmas. These problems cause the couples to argue and fight. Fighting has been a part of every normal relationship. Sometimes, it is the only way the issues are discussed and addressed. This happens when there is no effective communication between a couple. There may be fights but what matters the most is the way couples deal with each other after the fight. Making up after an argument is necessary. Take a look at some ways on how to make up after fighting with your partner.

  • Swallow your pride. It’s not about finding who is at fault. It is actually about being brave enough to admit that you were wrong and that you ask for an apology. It goes to show that you want to fix what has been damaged by your heated arguments. Forget about your ego and pride.
  • Make amends. Making up requires you to repair the damage done. One way of doing it is through a sincere apology. If saying sorry would mean peace, why don’t you say the word? Do not just say it if you don’t mean it. You should be sincere in asking for an apology. You can also apologize with a simple present. You can also cook for your partner.
  • Stop being defensive. There’s no use defending yourself. You’d better stop and think of a way to reconcile your disagreements.
  • Hug your partner and kiss his/ her forehead. This sweet gesture is actually one great way to make up. Without saying a single word, go to your partner and give him/ her a warm hug and it shall take away the pain.
  • Drop the issue. After a fight, learn how to forget the cause of the argument. Find another time for you to talk about and resolve the issues.

WE all make mistakes but we are given chances to make up. Learn how to forgive each other. This is the key to have a healthy relationship.




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