How to Make Things Less Awkward with an Ex

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Making Things Less Awkward with an ExSeeing your ex is never a good idea for many. It makes the situation awkward, especially when you are with your current partner. The tension even gets worse when you have not ended your relationship in good terms. When the closure breakup has been so painful for you, seeing your ex is not really fun. It’s awkward and brings back hurtful memories. However, we are living in a small world. There is no way that you could forever escape from your ex. Your paths will cross somewhere. If this happens, you should be brave enough to face him her. Try to ease the situation with the following ways on how to make things less awkward with an ex.

  • Control your facial expression. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Tell yourself that you can do it. As much as possible, do not display in your face that you feel nervous or shocked (even if you do). Do not ever think of running away upon seeing the person. Be brave enough to face him/ her.
  • Engage yourself in the conversation. No matter how nervous or terrified you are, you should not reveal it. Compose yourself and act naturally. Talk to your ex with composure.
  • Remain polite. No matter what happened in the past, you should still treat your ex in a nice manner. There’s a place for your resentments. Go on ask him/ her what he she is up to.
  • Keep the talk small. There’s no need for you to prolong the discomfort. Just make it so short.
  • Crack some jokes. Laughing at jokes will at least lessen the tension between the two of you.

Be a friend to your ex lover. Besides, you’ve been in love with each other once in your life. Just bear in mind that you are just seeing an old friend and you are talking to him/ her for the sake of the good old days.




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