How to Make her Enjoy the First Kiss

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enjoying the first kissKissing is one of the things we enjoy in a relationship. It is the intimate moment between two people who are in love with each other, although there are those who kiss even without intimate relationship. Of all the kisses that a couple share, the first kiss is supposed to be the most memorable moment for a them. However, in a few cases, it becomes the most embarrassing moment. How? It happens when the kiss turns out bad. If the first kiss is bad, you may not get the second one. Don’t break the magic in your relationship. Learn how to kiss passionately through the following tips on how to make her enjoy the first kiss.

  • Know when to do it. You should wait for the right moment to do it. Do not just do it when you feel like doing it. Make sure that you two are alone. When you are surrounded by people and you feel like you are ready to do it, take your girl to a better location where you can enjoy it.
  • Make sure your breath is fresh. You know pretty well that bad breath turns a person off, especially if you are kissing your woman for the first time. Make sure that there are no leftovers between your teeth. Avoid eating food items with strong smell if you go on a date or if you plan to kiss her.
  • Be gentle. Start slow. Start with soft kisses without using your tongue. Some girls get offended or turned off when a guy uses tongue during the first kiss. It makes girls feel uncomfortable.
  • Take the lead. Have the confidence to initiate the first kiss. Do not ask for it because you will look like a weak man.
  • Tilt your head. This is to make you feel more comfortable. It will also help you kiss her better.
  • Use your hand. Hold her face as you kiss her. Touch her jaw or even her neck down to her back.
  • End the kiss. In ending the kiss you also need to get the timing. Do not end it too early.

Give the girl a kiss that will make her want you kiss her more. Say you love her after the kiss and then give her a warm hug.




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