How to Make Guys Jealous?

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making a guy jealousMen are so cute when they are jealous. Some guys do not want to admit that they are jealous even if they do. Others do silly and funny things when they’re jealous. Jealousy is a good manifestation of love. It’s a way of showing that you want to keep the person for yourself. When trying to find out if a boy likes you or not, make him feel jealous and envious. How are you going to do it? Look into the following tips and learn the art of making guys jealous.

  • Try to forget him even for a while. Let him feel that you don’t remember him. Guys feel so confident when they know that you want him more than anything. He’ll wonder why and he will be alarmed.
  • Change the way you dress up on your next date. If you used to wear pants and shirts, this time try wearing sexy dresses. Create a hot look. It will make him think.
  • Meet his eyes and look away as if you’re not at all affected.
  • If you are not attached to anyone, flirt with other boys around. Flirting with men while he’s around will drive him crazy. Make sure that he notices it. Try to ignore him and pretend that you’re enjoying their company even if you’re not. I’m pretty sure that he will envy your closeness with the guys. Enjoy the attention given by other guys.
  • Don’t be too clingy. Don’t shower him with too much attention. You can do this by avoiding asking his opinions about anything. If you can do it successfully, you will be bale to get him. You’ll be his girlfriend and he’ll be your boyfriend soon.
  • Tell him stories about your guy friends. Tell him the things that you do when you hang out. Exaggerate your stories if possible.
  • When you go online on Facebook and he is also online, don’t chat with him. Make him wonder who you are chatting with. You can also send him delayed replies. He’ll go crazy out of jealousy. If the man really likes you he will find a way to make you a part of his life.

People tend to be possessive of the things that belong to them. If they feel that their valuables are in danger, they are alarmed and will find ways to keep them.




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Date: April 16, 2011 | Category: Jealousy
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[…] is over-possessive: Jealousy is a manifestation of love but if she tries to keep you away from your friends and from the things […]

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