How to Make a Man never Forget You

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man thinking about her girlfriendWomen who are serious about their relationship would want to keep their man for a long period of time. This is pretty challenging for every woman, especially now that most men have a different attitude towards romantic relationship. Most of them are happy-go-lucky. They have different games to play. There’s a need for you to do something to make them change. Make your man fall in love with you head over heels so that he won’t think of staying away from you. Make him stay with you for the rest of your life. Check the following tips on how to make a man never forget you.

  • Be a happy woman. When you have a positive attitude/ outlook in life, it will actually reflect in your everyday life. Make him smile and laugh. Make him happy just by being with you.
  • Avoid nagging. When you want to discuss something, go to him. Get him talk to you in a nice manner. Communicate clearly. You can tell him the things that you want him to do by communicating with him without nagging. If there’s something that you dislike about him, express what you feel and think. This will not make him feel bad because your way of saying is good.
  • Respect him. You know pretty well that men give importance to their ego. Do not humiliate him in front of his friends. Do not make fun of him when you are with other people. This is kind of insulting and degrading so avoid it as much as possible.
  • Stay with him. Give your support to him. This will show your love and care for him. Don’t wait for him to ask for your support. Be sensitive enough to feel his need, particularly when he is feeling down. Help him to get his composure back.
  • Give him a break. Let him spend some time with his friends. Do not be selfish.

Involve yourself in his lines of interest. You cannot make him stay out of the things that have been a part of his life. Join him!




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