How to Make a Date Memorable

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memorable datingMeaningful dates are always remembered even after several years pass by. These dates often leave marks in the heart of the individuals involved. They will always look back to the day they had a wonderful day. If you want to achieve the same thing, then check the following how-to manual that talk about several tips and instructions on how to make a date memorable.

  • Find the right place and date time. What do you want your date to experience? Is it a walk along the shore? Is it a romantic dinner date? If you want a romantic date, walking along the shore and watching as the sun sets is a very good idea. Just make sure that the weather is fine. It’s not fun to be at the beach if it’s a rainy day.
  • Look at your best. Your appearance counts. The way you dress up and the way you style your hair matter a lot. Your clothes should be suitable to the nature and theme of the date. Wear a light perfume to avoid offending your date.
  • Enjoy being yourself. Be yourself and enjoy it. You don’t have to pretend you are someone who isn’t really you just because you want to prove something. Be honest to yourself and to your date.
  • Open up interesting topics. Prepare some interesting or cool topics to talk about. If you know something about your date, then that would be better.
  • Pay attention. When your date is talking, you have to listen attentively to what he/ she is talking. This is one good way to show that you respect the person.
  • Be a cool person. Have a sense of humor to lighten the atmosphere and to ease the tension. It’s important that you make your date smile and laugh.
  • Be appreciative. It feels good when your effort is recognized. Praise your date and say thank you.

Enjoy whatever activities you do on your date time. Be respectful and have manners. Furthermore, you also need to do something unique to make it really memorable.




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Date: July 21, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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