How to Love a Woman when her Period is On

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sex during menstruation or periodWomen are naturally moody, unpredictable, and difficult to deal with. There are actually a lot of things that men don’t understand about women. Dealing with them gets even more difficult when their period is on. Women tend to have mood swings during menstruation period and due to this they could really be annoying. But as a man and a lover at the same time, you need to show that you are gentle and loving to her. This could also test your love and patience for her. Show that you can deal with her well even if her period is on. Check the following tips on how to love a woman when her menstruation period is on.

  • Be understanding. Have a wide room for understanding to your woman. This is your first key to make her feel that you love her even if she is so sensitive and difficult to deal with.
  • Avoid doing the things that trigger her mood swings. If she doesn’t like you to tease her then don’t do it.
  • Give her a massage. This is good for her so that it will ease the pain that she feels due to her menstruation. This is a very sweet thing to do for her.
  • Assist her. If you feel that she needs assistance when doing something, extend your help. Volunteer to do it for her.
  • Prepare food for her. Prepare her meals and let her drink plenty of water. Serve her bananas or any kind of food which is rich in calcium and potassium. She needs food items rich in vitamins and minerals. Discourage her to drink beverages that contain caffeine because the substance can trigger pain.

It’s not really difficult to show your love and care for her during her period. Just be understanding and patient.




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