How to Look More Confident in Yourself when Dating

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dating confidenceYour confidence in yourself is a very important factor. The way you feel about yourself matters a lot. If you feel good about yourself, then most probably, the person you are to date with will feel the same way about you as well. Once you are confident about the things you have, you increase your chance of getting good impressions from your date. Feel good about yourself with the help of several tips on how to look more confident in yourself when dating.

  • When you wake up each morning look at the mirror and smile. Tell yourself that you are good and beautiful. Whatever features you have, you should be proud of them. You are a unique person and there’s no one like you. This makes you special. This should sink in your mind.
  • Disregard the negative comments you hear from people around you. You know yourself well. Don’t believe in everything they say. If they try to degrade you or put you down, you should not let them do it to you.
  • Once you think you are ready to mingle with people and try dating, the next thing you need to do is to list down the things about you that you are proud of or the things that you are comfortable with. On one hand, you also need to make a list of the things that people don’t like about you and try to confirm them and do something about them.
  • Improve your fashion sense. Plan the clothes that make you look good or pick the ones that could emphasize your assets but you should feel comfortable with the changes you go through.
  • Be fit. If you think there’s a need for you to shape up, then do it. You can try going to the gym or you can also workout by walking or jogging. A hula hoop exercise for women also works better.
  • Don’t belittle yourself while you are with your date. It doesn’t help at all.

Once you feel good about yourself, your confidence will start to grow and it will multiply with the support and encouragement of the people who care for you. Love the way you are because you are amazing just the way you are.




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Date: July 21, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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