How to Live with a Selfish Mate

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selfishness in a relationshipHaving a selfish friend is enough to make you feel upset; more so if your husband/ wife is a selfish partner. It is really difficult to deal with this kind of person. It gives you the feeling that you are suppressed and that you can no longer breathe. It’s truly suffocating being trapped in a relationship with a selfish partner. When a partner is selfish, he/ she has the tendency to be controlling and dominating. There’s no equality in the relationship. It is an unfair relationship. It is unhealthy.

How do you deal with this kind of relationship? Learn some ideas and tips on how to live with a selfish mate.

Discuss how you feel with your partner. This is the first step that you can take as regards the problem. Tell him/ her that you don’t feel happy with his/ her attitude. Be honest with your feelings. This is not the time for you to sugarcoat. In what way does he/ she become selfish? Tell everything. Let your mate understand that you also have your needs that need to be addressed. Make him/ her realize that it’s not all about his/ her needs. Explain to your man/ woman that in a healthy relationship, there’s a need for you to practice give and take. It isn’t all about taking without giving.

Avoid spending much time with your partner who doesn’t know how to give in. the longer time you spend with him/ her, the greater stress you get due to your mate’s attitude. Spend time with your friends instead.

Selfishness would do no good to any relationship. It is actually one of the factors that can cause a relationship to fail. It’s alright to love yourself but when it’s too much, it can make other people sick.




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