How to Know you are Jealous

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how to know if you are jealousIt is normal to feel jealous. Jealousy is an emotion that manifests love. When you feel that there’s a threat in your relationship because someone comes in between, it is a natural reaction to feel jealous. Everybody feels it at some point. However, not everyone is brave enough to admit that they are jealous. It’s actually fine to feel this way for as long as it is not excessive. There should be a certain degree of jealousy. Sometimes, no matter what you do to deny that you are jealous, the obvious signs betray you. What are these signs? Below is a list of some ways on how to know you are jealous.

  • Bringing up the past. When you keep on asking about your partner’s past relationships and you are still bothered by those things, most probably you are jealous of his or her past. It’s like you are making your own ghosts.
  • Frequent criticisms. When you find yourself criticizing others to uplift yourself, especially when you are with your partner, it’s a sign that you are guilty of jealousy.
  • Putting down others. This is somehow connected with criticizing others. You are unhappy to hear that a person is appreciated because you want to get all the words of appreciation. You don’t want others to shine. You try to drag them down with your criticisms.
  • Too much self-consciousness. You want to improve your appearance. You want new clothes to wear so that you will look better to the eyes of your partner.
  • Defensive. Another sign is being too defensive when you are confronted. You keep on denying your feelings.

Jealousy can spice up a relationship for as long as the amount is just right. Do not worry when you feel it. Just learn how to handle it well.




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