How to Know when your Marriage is Over

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marriage separationSometimes, no matter how you try to make things perfect you cannot avoid encountering factors that may cause problems to your plans. Let us try to relate it to marriage. When you decide to get married, you imagine a life filled with happiness and fun. You make a lot of preparations to make sure that everything about the wedding is going to be fine. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful your plans are, there will be challenges that put your relationship into test. When you are not strong enough to handle marital issues, your marriage will not last. How do you know when your marriage is hopeless? Check the following instructions on how to know when your marriage is over.

  • Frequent fights. It seems like both parties cannot compromise anymore. Even simple and trivial things can lead to big fights. Fighting has been a part of the routine which is very unhealthy.
  • No respect. You yell at each other. You curse one another. You are into an illicit affair. These are some signs that there’s no respect. You no longer care about the feelings of your partner and vice versa.
  • Sexual incompatibility. There’s no excitement to sleep with your partner. When you do it, you feel like it is just a part of your routine and there’s no satisfaction. You find it boring since the attraction is no longer there. It is a sign that the magic is gone.
  • No commitment. You don’t have the will to make things work. Instead of finding solutions, you find ways to escape from your problems.
  • No communication. Any relationship without effective and open communication will not work. If you stop talking about your feelings and thoughts, your marriage is in danger. You can never solve any problems without communicating.
  • Abuse. If you are deliberately hurting each other emotionally and physically, then you must stay away from each other before the situation gets worse.

If you are experiencing these things in your relationship, you might want to accept that your marriage is already over. But if you think it is worth saving, then you must do something to resolve conflict in your marriage.




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