How to Know that a Woman is Seducing You

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How to Know that a Woman is Seducing YouIt isn’t really hard to identify a woman who is trying to seduce you. It isn’t hard to identify a woman who is trying to catch your attention. Simply look for nonverbal signals because she is not going to tell you that she is interested with you. What you have to do is pay attention to body language and the way she speaks. Check the following signs:

  • She reacts to your compliments. She shows her enthusiasm plus she laughs with not so funny jokes. She would love to laugh around a lot. These are actually obvious signs that she is trying to flirt with you.
  • She shows off some skin. She doesn’t mind you seeing her cleavage or her thighs. She would even let you enjoy the sight.
  • Leaning toward you. As you talk with each other, she moves even closer to you. This means she would love to feel your skin against hers.
  • She bites her lips. Another obvious sign is lip biting. This is to express her desire in you. She wants you to know that you can actually kiss her.
  • Touching. She would touch your hand or shoulders or even her own body. She will brush her hair using her hand. She is simply physically active.
  • She asks a lot. This is to let you know that she wants to know more about you simply because she is into you.

There you go! I hope that this list of signs would help you realize or figure out if a woman is seducing you. When you are on a date and you see these signs, you should know how to react and handle the situation.




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Date: April 29, 2012 | Category: Flirting
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