How to Know if your Marriage is Worth Saving

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know if your marriage is worth savingMarriages are supposed to be long-lasting. They are to be kept for a long time. The Holy Bible actually says that it is only death that could break a marriage. Married couples are not supposed to separate. They are not supposed to get a divorce. Unfortunately, the modern society is not giving so much respect to marriage now. Many couples live together without getting married. Married couples can file for a divorce anytime they feel like their relationship is no longer working well. But as much as possible, couples should at least try to save their relationship by discussing their marital issues and concerns. Before you decide to save your marriage, you need to determine if it is worth saving or not. Check the following tips on how to know if your marriage is worth saving.

  • There’s mutual respect. If you still respect one another, there’s still hope for a second chance. There’s hope that you can reconnect with one another. You can say that you have mutual respect if you know how to listen to each other well. You don’t curse your partner when you fight. No matter what problems you have if you have respect for one another, you can overcome everything.
  • There’s willingness to resolve conflicts. There’s hope in your marriage if the two of you are willing to compromise just to resolve your conflicts or issues. If you keep on bringing out issues and fight over them again and again, tendencies are you no longer compatible.
  • There’s commitment. If you are still committed to your relationship and to one another, then your marriage is still worth saving. But if a third party is involved, it’s a sign that your marriage lacks commitment.
  • There are positive thoughts. If you are optimistic that you can save your marriage, your relationship is likely to have another chance.

Do your best for your marriage. Don’t give up easily. Take actions so you can save it. If you are both willing, you will succeed.




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Date: October 4, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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