How to Know if your Husband is Faithful

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It’s very painful when you discover that the person you love the most is cheating on you.  Truly, the person who makes you happy the most will be the same person who will hurt you the most. This is so sad but it is actually a fact of life. You love and get hurt. You experience happiness and pain when you fall in love.

Do you want to know if your husband is as faithful as what you think? You can do it by trying the following tips and ways on how to know if your husband is faithful. Let’s read and learn together and you’ll come to know if he is faithful or not.

  • Know his whereabouts. Where does he spend his free time? Whom does he spend it with? These questions will lead you to the truth. If he spends most of his time outside your home instead of staying so you could bond together, then there must be something wrong. That’s a clear sign that he avoids being with you.
  • He doesn’t keep secrets. When a man sounds to be so defensive and secretive, chances are he is doing something fishy. You are the wife and he is supposed to be open to you because you are regarded as one since the day you got married. Your concerns are his concerns and vice versa.
  • He comes home on time. A faithful husband rushes to come home to see you and the kids. It is his happiness to be with you.
  • He declares everything to you. He gives you his full salary including his pay slip and official receipts of whatever purchase he has made.
  • He stays calm. A cheating husband tends to be very jumpy over small things. He wants to make things complicated and tries to divert things so that you won’t have the chance to confront him.
  • He stays sweet. He tries his best to please you and to be a good father to your children.

You can see it in the eyes of a man if he is faithful. If you see contentment and happiness, most probably he is faithful. You can feel it when something is wrong. Give justice to what you feel but don’t jump into conclusions immediately. Learn some ways and instructions on how to find out if you spouse is having an affair.




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Date: May 22, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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