How to Know if your Ex still Loves You

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signs your ex-boyfriend still loves youThere are a lot of reasons for a breakup. If the breakup is a decision of only one party, tendencies are the other one still has feelings. If it is not a mutual decision, it is normal for the person to keep his/ her feelings. There are people who cannot move on easily after a breakup. They keep on loving the person who broke their heart. They just can’t let go of their feelings. Do you feel that your ex still cares for you? What makes you think that he or she still has feelings for you? Confirm your assumption with the following tips on how to know if your ex still loves you.

  • The person still communicates with you. Your ex keeps on calling or texting you like nothing has changed. This is a sign that the person still has feelings for you. He/ She still loves you and he/ she doesn’t want to cut the lines of communication. The person just wants to keep in touch.
  • The person tells you so. Do you keep on hearing the words “I love you”? An ex who still loves you will tell you these words even if you have already separated. The person does it through text or email just for you to know. He/ She even tells it to common friends.
  • The person appears to where you are. He/ She suddenly shows up to where you are unexpectedly. The person does it just to see you or to get a chance to at least talk to you.
  • The person keeps on sending you gifts. The person does it to show that he or she still cares and wants to get you back.
  • The person gets jealous. He/ She acts like a jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. If you mention that you are going out with other people, he/ she feels so enrage because of jealousy.

Do you see these signs? If the answer is yes, most likely the person is still in love with you and he/ she is still hoping that you can still get back together.




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Date: October 2, 2012 | Category: General
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