How to Know if your Crush is Annoyed

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how to know if your crush is annoyedIf you are interested with someone, you would do anything to get his or her attention. You would try to be around with the person. However, your desire to catch the attention of someone sometimes leads to annoyance. You get the opposite instead. That’s how ironic life can get sometimes. Don’t overdo the things that you do to be able to get close to her. You have to use your common sense to know if the person is happy to have you around or he or she is annoyed. If he or she is annoyed, you better back off. Here is a list of signs on how to know if your crush is annoyed.

  • Pay attention to his/ her gestures. Look at his facial expressions and from there, you can determine how your crush feels for you. You crack jokes and he or she doesn’t laugh.
  • Be sensitive. Pay attention to his reactions to what you say. If the person fakes a smile or raises his or her eyebrows, it’s a sign that your crush is annoyed.
  • Avoidance. Do you often notice that the person stays away from you? Whenever you are near, the person does something to avoid you. The person doesn’t feel comfortable when you are around.
  • Rejects your invitation. Another sign that your crush is annoyed and not interested is rejection. If you keep on inviting him or her but he or she keeps on rejecting your invitation, it’s an obvious sign that the person in annoyed.

When you see the signs listed above, you’d better try to divert your attention and move on. Know when to back off. Just accept that you don’t get everything that you want. If you really want to pursue the person, do something to please the person.




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