How to Know if He Truly Loves You

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how to know if he truly loves youMost men are not very vocal with their feelings. They are not very expressive although there also a few who show off their feelings. This trait of men sometimes causes confusion to women because they have difficulty determining whether men love them or not. On the other hand, the things that they do are sometimes obvious signs that they love a woman. If you have been wondering if your man cares about you and that he loves you, then spend a few minutes reading some tips on how to know if he truly loves you.

  • He respects you. He doesn’t insist things like sex. He knows that there is a right time for it. He doesn’t put you into pressure. Another sign of respect is that he doesn’t cheat on you even if he doesn’t get what he wants in you.
  • He is committed. He doesn’t leave you no matter how tough the situation is. He simply sticks with you and finds a way to get rid of the problems in the relationship. He is optimistic that you will be able to overcome everything.
  • He includes you in his plans. When you talk about the future, he mentions your name. You hear him talking about his future and you are a part of it. He imagines a life with you. He cannot imagine life without you.
  • He introduces you to his family and friends. Not every guy does it although there are those who just introduce women to their friends and family to make them believe that they have pure intentions while in fact, it’s the opposite. Once you feel that he really wants you to be a part of his family and he wants you to be comfortable with them, then you must be a lucky woman.
  • He protects you. He would do anything to help you out. He would do anything to make you feel that you are secured and safe. He doesn’t even say harsh words to you.
  • He gives you undivided attention. You get all his attention. When you are together, he doesn’t think of his job or any other matters. All that he cares about is you.
  • He feels proud to have you. He is just so happy to have you. He wants the world to know how lucky he is to have you.
  • He sacrifices for you. He is willing to give up his religious beliefs just for you. He doesn’t care about missing a big game of his favourite sports if it’s because of you.
  • He kisses you when you wake up. He kisses you even without brushing your teeth. When you wake up, you see him staring at your face.

When you find a man who would do things like the things mentioned above, do not let him go. There are only a few of them. Treasure a precious gem.




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