How to Keep your New Girlfriend from Losing Interest

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Keep your New Girlfriend from Losing InterestCongratulations for successfully winning over your girlfriend! After waiting for quite some time, you have finally heard her sweet yes and now she is in your arms. You start to reap the fruit of what you have sown. You start building dreams with her. But you must know that it doesn’t end there. Having her as your girlfriend is just the beginning of a new journey. Don’t stop making effort to keep her. Don’t let dull moments hit your relationship. Keep her interested with the following tips and instructions on how to keep your new girlfriend from losing interest.

  • Make her feel the love you have for her. It isn’t enough that you say the three magical words. You have to mean what you say and show. There should be tangible or concrete proofs that you value her.
  • Women need affection. You should be affectionate to her. Soft but sweet kisses are enough to take worries and sadness away. A warm hug is also a way of showing your affection.
  • Be thoughtful. Call her frequently but don’t make it to a point that you act like you are an agent or spy. Give her a ring to know how she is doing.
  • Be adventurous. Don’t be contented with the usual routine. Try something new with your new girl. Make every moment something worth remembering.
  • Be generous. Take her on a date on a cozy restaurant and shop for her if you can afford. Other ways to be generous is by complimenting her. Be appreciative of your girlfriend.
  • Treat her like a princess. Make her feel that you are willing to be of service to her. Treat her with care and respect.

Don’t stop exerting effort to make your girlfriend stay with you for a long time. It is the way you deal with her that counts.




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