How to Keep his Attention Off other Women

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man attention to another womanIn a romantic relationship, it is important that the attention of the couple is exclusive for each other.  It should not be shared with someone else. This is one thing that a couple should do to make their relationship last longer. Keeping the attention of your partner off other women is essential in keeping a good relationship. You should remain the apple of his eyes. You should remain the source of his happiness. The thing is how you can do it knowing that guys are so into girls because they are polygamous by nature. Learn some tips on how to keep his attention off other women. Check the following instructions.

  • Love him with all your heart. It is important that you make him feel so loved by you. If he is satisfied with what you can give, he will no longer seek for more. He will stay with you. However, don’t give everything to him. Leave something for yourself.
  • Be full of life. You need to make him laugh at times. Be a cool partner. Have a sense of humor. Join him in his activities and enjoy them together. Don’t bore him to death.
  • Respect him. Give him time to enjoy his life with other people that are dear to him like his friends. Allow him to be with them sometimes. Don’t confine him in your arms. Don’t suffocate him.
  • Make him think of you constantly. Do something that would make him remember his commitment to you. You can also give something to him to remind him that you love him.

Don’t be too difficult for him. Be gentle and avoid nagging or being overly jealous. These won’t do any good to you. These will push him to another woman.




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