How to Keep a Relationship Strong

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strong relationshipA strong relationship is likened to a building with a strong foundation. It can stand the tests of time that even the strongest typhoon cannot break it. That’s how enduring it is. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to keep a relationship strong. Love should be there along with other virtues and essential qualities.

To prevent a painful breakup, here is a list of few steps that you can take on how to keep a relationship strong.

  • Have a sense of commitment. As a partner, you need to think that you are attached to your partner. This way, you will not think of cheating on the person. You will stay faithful if you know that you are committed.
  • Know your boundaries. When you are in a relationship, you tend to intervene to the activities of your partner, thinking that you have the right to do it. However, there are instances wherein you must give your partner some space to exercise his/ her freedom.
  • Communicate effectively. You’ve got to speak your mind and emotions. Don’t keep them inside. Express your thoughts and feelings so that your partner will be able to understand you. Communicating to your partner is the key to better understanding.
  • Compromise. You may think that you have bright ideas but you must also realize that most of the time two heads are better than one. Combine your ideas to come up with something better. Respect the ideas of one another.
  • Acceptance. Nobody is perfect which means you have to embrace the imperfections of your partner. If you can help him/her to improve, extend your help but don’t force your partner to change
  • Step back. Know when to fight and when to step back. Do not try to get to the point where you both begin to say things that you will regret later.
  • Be creative. Use your resources to solve issues, particularly financial issues for married couples.
  • Intimacy. Develop physical closeness. Don’t be shy to show affection. Kissing and hugging are a part of every relationship.
  • Emotional closeness. Be open to your partner. Share the things that you would normally share with a friend.
  • Enjoy each other’s company. Go out and have fun. Do the things that you both love.

Once you establish a strong foundation, your relationship will be able to overcome all kinds of test. You will remain happy with each other’s arms.




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