How to Impress Someone in 30 Seconds?

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impress in 30 secondsWe often hear people say that first impressions last. In some cases, it is really true but it does not apply to all. You can also get the wrong impression. Some impressions change eventually. It usually happens after spending some time with the person and you discover that you actually got the first impression wrong. On the other hand, first impressions have much impact, particularly when it comes to dating. If you weren’t impressed on your first date, usually, there will no longer be a second date.

Pieces of Dating Advice

Hey! Impress your love interest right on your first date! Would you believe that you can actually do it in thirsty seconds? You’ve got to believe it because it can happen. Make it possible by reading some dating tips. Take a look at the list of tips below and use them as your dating guide.

  • Just be yourself. This is the key to impressing someone. However, you don’t need to show every side of you.
  • Don’t be arrogant. It will completely ruin your reputation.
  • Demonstrate a happy face. Smile a lot. Be happy. You can’t impress someone if you look awful.
  • Have a sense of humor. Don’t be so serious.
  • If you are a woman trying to impress a man within 30 seconds, biting your lower lip while looking at him would be a great help. See to it that he is looking at you, too.
  • If you are a guy, make the date about the woman. Sure, 30 seconds or even few minutes is too short to impress someone but by making the girl feel special, you will be able to impress her.
  • Your eye contact with the person also matters. Establish a good one and let your eyes speak for what you want to say.

Impressing someone is pretty difficult. But showing a pleasing personality would be a great way to do it.




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