How to Ignore an Annoying Girl

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annoying girlDealing with girls who have personalities that aren’t compatible with yours could be pretty difficult. It really tests your personality as a man. But if you are already in there, there’s nothing you could do but to bear with the situation and deal with the girl. As a man you need to be humane with every girl as much as possible. You need to be gentle with every woman you encounter no matter how annoying each could be.

Traits of an Annoying Girl

A girl could be annoying when she has any of the following traits.

  • gossipy
  • negative
  • too competitive
  • demanding
  • talkative

One thing that you could do with this kind of situation is ignore the girl. It’s a lot better to ignore or avoid her than treating her badly. Here are some tips for you on how to ignore an annoying girl.

  • Try to figure out what makes her annoying. What is so irritating about her? Is it because she is gossipy or talkative? It is important that you know what makes you disapprove her.
  • Once you are done determining the thing that irks you, you should think of a way on how to avoid experiencing the irritating characteristic of the girl. If she is gossipy, don’t entertain her when she tries to start a conversation with you.
  • Be direct. When she still keeps on bothering you, it’s probably time to talk to her and tell her that you are uncomfortable with what she does. You need to be gentle when telling her this. Try not to be rude.
  • Keep a distance. When you are close to her, tendencies are you cannot avoid communicating with her. Try to stay away from her. Don’t talk to her if it isn’t necessary.
  • Stay calm. Don’t let your emotions put you into an embarrassing situation. Control your emotions.

The girl may be really annoying but bear in mind that she is still a girl whom you should respect. Just find a way for you to get over what you feel.




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