How to Have Intimacy in a Relationship

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intimacy in a relationshipHaving a strong and healthy sense of intimacy in a relationship is essential. It actually helps keep the couple together. When there’s intimacy in a relationship, the couple will be more comfortable with each other. They would develop a strong emotional connection. They would be honest with each other. They would trust one another. if these elements are present, more likely the couple will feel happiness in having each other. Once you feel contentment in the arms of your partner, there will be no room for cheating. There will be fewer conflicts. The relationship will be smooth-sailing.

It’s actually quite hard to develop a strong sense of intimacy. Not all couples can do establish good intimacy. The following tips on how to have intimacy in a relationship may be of help to you in making your relationship successful.

  • Be together. Always find time to be with each other. Your schedule may get hectic but you should try your best to spend time with your partner. Include your partner to your top priorities. Go on a date. If you cannot do it on a regular basis, you should at least try to do it once a month. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. Going on a date spices up the relationship. You can do things like seeing a movie or going to places you have never been to. Simply have fun together!
  • Show affection. You should never forget things like holding the hand of your sweetheart when you are sitting together or walking down the street. Give each other a big warm hug without any reason. Kiss each other when you leave for work or when you get home.
  • Practice honesty. There should be no secrets between the two of you. Whatever problems or issues you have, you should tell them to your partner because he/ she has the right to know.  When you are honest with one another, the emotional connection will be a lot stronger.
  • Be generous of praise. Compliments can boost the ego of a person. Appreciate the good qualities of your partner. Make your sweetheart feel that you see what is good in him/ her. Be the first to show appreciation.

Maintain the spark and passion in your relationship and the intimacy will remain, too. Genuine intimacy will help you make your relationship happy and healthy.




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