How to Have Equality in a Relationship

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equality in a relationshipOne good characteristic of a healthy relationship is having equality. It should be fair. No one should be more superior and more powerful. Both parties should enjoy their rights and privileges that the relationship has to offer. With this kind of atmosphere, the couple will surely take delight in the pleasures of being in a relationship. When there is equality, the couple will not lose their individuality, thus, they grow old together, not apart.

It isn’t hard to have equality, though. It takes a lot of effort, understanding, patience, and willingness. Both parties need to compromise in order to have fairness and equality. You can try the following tips on how to have equality in a relationship if you want to have a smooth-sailing relationship.

  • Consult each other. It is important to go to your partner before you make any decision. You need to hear what your other half has to say about what you are thinking/ planning. It is more than just seeking for help. It is about showing that you respect him/her as a partner. Listening to each other’s ideas is one great way to show respect.
  • Respect individuality. This is all about respecting the comfort zone of your partner and vice versa. Being in a relationship should not stop you from enjoying the things that you used to enjoy when you were still single and unattached. Just give each other some space. Everyone needs some solitude some times.
  • Know your parts. As a partner, you should assume your duties and responsibilities, especially in a marriage. Do not wait for your partner to tell you what to do. You should have the initiative.
  • Avoid making decisions for your partner. You have the right to give your suggestions but you don’t have the right to run his/ her life. It is too much to make decisions for him/ her unless your partner asks you to do so.
  • Don’t be bossy. Power should be shared equally. Don’t be the boss. You are not in your workplace. It should not be like a boss-employee relationship.

It isn’t really hard to have equality and fairness in a relationship. You just need to practice give and take. It’s so simple, right? You can do it!




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Date: April 10, 2012 | Category: General
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