How to Handle a First Kiss

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How to Handle a First KissFirst kisses may give you cold feet but it may also give some sort of a memory that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is in the way you handle your first kiss. But the better kind of kiss is the one that comes naturally because you are attracted to a person. If it’s planned or choreographed, chances are, it won’t be that exciting or pleasant for you and to the other person. Here is a list of some techniques on how to handle a first kiss.

  • Avoid thinking of the kiss so much. It will not be very pleasant if you keep thinking about it. Let it come naturally and be comfortable about it when you get there.
  • Check your breath. Make sure that you brush your teeth when you go on a date or when you plan to have the first kiss. If your breath smells bad, chances are you may never get another kiss again. Freshen up and boost your confidence.
  • Be natural. Don’t be so nervous about it and just enjoy kissing with your date or partner.
  • Go to a private place. Knowing that there are other people around watching you will surely make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. If you are alone in some place, it will be better for the two of you.
  • Maintain eye contact. This will also test your chemistry plus it will spice up the kiss. It also serves as a signal that it’s time to kiss.
  • Start slow. Be gentle in kissing. As much as possible, avoid using tongue when kissing for the first time. Don’t be so aggressive as you are still getting to know the other person.
  • Know how to position your body. Angle your face and your body toward the guy.
  • Respond slightly. The kiss should start as just a gentle brushing of your lips. It should not start with an open mouth.

Make your first kiss a memorable kiss for the two of you. Enjoy your first kiss and more kisses to come!




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