How to Give your Boyfriend Space

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space in a relationshipWhen does a relationship become suffocating? When does it become unhealthy? It is when you don’t want to give your partner some space to enjoy. If you behave in an overly dependent manner, you are oppressing and suppressing the freedom of your boyfriend/ girlfriend. It isn’t bad to spend time with your partner and to have a deep sense of commitment/ attachment but when it is too much it becomes fatal to the relationship.

To build a healthy relationship, you need to give each other space. It might be difficult for you but if you trust your partner, you should not worry much if he/she likes to spend time with his/her friends.

Have you finally thought of the benefits that you could get when you give each other space? That’s good for you. So how do you give it to your boyfriend? Let’s look at the following how-to manual which contains a list of some tips and instructions on how to give your boyfriend space.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to accept that there’s a need for you to enjoy your own space. If you can accept that giving one another space is normal and healthy then there would be no problem.
  • Get rid of the idea that you want to control the things that he does. Start embracing the reality that he has his own life and that you are just a part of it. He has the right to run his life the way he wants it.
  • Talk to your man and ask him if he wants space. There are men who cannot tell that they want to be alone. If your guy is one of them then you have to ask him.
  • Respect his decision. Listen to him when he says that he wants to be alone. Avoid being too emotional when he says he wants space. Don’t think that he is breaking up with you. He probably wants to figure thing out alone.
  • Ask him to make things clear. If you are doubtful of his intentions, ask him if he means a breakup or just time to be alone.
  • Come up with a common agreement. You have to know how long he is going to enjoy his space and the conditions that you need to observe.
  • Be patient. Don’t be impatient. If he needs a long time to be alone, you need to respect it without any complaints.

While you are on this kind of set up, make use of your time. Utilize it and be productive. It’s also your chance to do the things that you cannot do when you are together. But remember, you are still attached to him.




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