How to Give Each Other Space without Ending the Relationship

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How to Give Each Other Space without Ending the RelationshipSpace in a relationship is very important. Both parties need a breathing space. If you have space, it doesn’t mean that you have to separate. It doesn’t mean breakup. A little space would do to make a relationship healthier. It’s actually unhealthy to be together all the time. It can create a suffocating atmosphere and there will come a time when you just want to be alone in order to breathe.

You can give your partner space without breaking up. You can follow the following tips and instructions on how to give each other space without ending the relationship.

  • Assess your relationship. Do you really need some time to be alone? What makes your relationship suffocating? Is your partner too possessive or domineering?
  • Talk to your partner. You have to communicate with him/ her so you can express your feelings towards the situation. Tell the person that you feel like you have no room for growth anymore. Tell that there are some things that you want to do alone but you still want to keep the relationship. It might be better for your relationship to do this thing.
  • Make an agreement. When do you need a space? How soon would that be? Make sure that it is something you both want.
  • Give suggestions and be open to suggestions. What would be your arrangement with this kind of agreement? How often would you see each other? How often would you communicate?
  • Talk about limitations. Be clear that you are not allowed to date others while you are into this kind of situation.

For as long as it’s something that you both want, there will be no problem with giving each other space. This how-to manual just aims to help you do it without breaking up.




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