How to Get your Man Commit to You

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how to make a man commit in a relationshipWomen are generally looking for a man who is willing to give his name and heart to them. They are looking for a serious relationship. They long for a lifetime commitment. The irony is that they often get the opposite. They get attached with men who are not so concerned with the levels in a relationship. If you have been into a long-term relationship, you expect your partner to think about settling down. You are waiting and hoping for a marriage proposal which seems to be so far away. Don’t frown and fret because you can make things possible when you try to make a move. Equip yourself with some tips on how to get your man commit to you.

  • Be caring. Show him how much you care about him. Give him all the attention that he needs. Be extra caring and thoughtful to him. Make sure that he is doing fine every now and then. Offer some help if the need arises.
  • Make him realize that life is wonderful when shared with you. Open his eyes to the fact that you make a good couple and that you need to seal it with wedding vows already.
  • Be supportive. Be there for him when he is in need of a company or help. Make him feel that he can rely on you, especially during tough times. When he is planning something, give your full support. Furthermore, be his number one fan.
  • Be understanding. Understand his needs as a man. Don’t be selfish if you know that you can give what he needs. If he needs some breathing space, give it to him.
  • Create emotional attachment and closeness. If he realizes that you are a wonderful pair and that together you can do anything, most likely, he will make up his mind and propose to you so you will be bound by wedding ceremonies.
  • Show your pure love. Dedicate your life to him. Show him that you are incomplete without him and vice versa.

Be a woman of happy thoughts and influence your man with your happiness. Avoid nagging because this will make him step back. Good luck to you.




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