How to Get Out of a Boring Date

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woman is very bore with her dateWhile dating is a fun and exciting experience for some, it could also be a boring experience for others. When does a date become boring? It gets boring when the person you are dating with is so silent and doesn’t have any interesting topics to talk about. When a person is so stiff, tendencies are the date will be boring. When the person doesn’t have any sense of humor and he/ she takes things seriously, expect that the date will turn bad. The date time could also make it boring like when it’s a rainy or cold day. If you feel so bored to death, all you want to do is to escape and disappear. You can’t stand any longer. Don’t prolong your agony. Get out of it. Learn some ways on how to get out of a boring date. Check the following tips and instructions.

  • Prepare a good escape plan ahead of time. Just in case you get stuck in a boring date, you will have something to tell your date. You can leave without hurting the person. You will leave with grace. Right at the start of the date, inform your date that you can’t stay long because you need to go somewhere. Once boredom strikes you, then you can escape with grace. On the other hand, if the date turns out to be fun, just tell the person that your appointment is cancelled.
  • Get a friend or someone to call you in the middle of the date. Set a time for them to call you. You can also go to the restroom and text the person to call you in few minutes. You can just hang up in case you enjoy the date.
  • Skip dessert. Having dessert will only make your date longer. Just say thank you and that there’s no need for a dessert. You could leave your dreary date with this excuse.

Whatever excuse you have in mind, just don’t forget to be polite in leaving. Don’t be rude. Stay nice no matter how bored you are.




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Date: August 23, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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