How to Get her Agree to a Second Date

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How to Get her Agree to a Second DateGoing on a first date is not easy. You have to exert extra effort in preparation in order to impress your date. It also prevents you from turning the date bad. If you successfully impress your date on the first date, you will surely get another one. Aside from observing table manners, smiling a lot, and telling interesting stories, you can also increase your chance of getting a second date with the following tips on how to get her agree to a second date.

  • Be sweet. Girls do like sweet guys. They want to feel that they are special and that they are appreciated. Compliment her. Say nice words about her.
  • Be cool and humorous. Have a sense of humour. Crack jokes. Nobody would want to be with a boring guy. When you are cool and funny, more likely you will be able to get another date with her because she enjoyed your company.
  • Make her feel comfortable. You can make her feel this way by acting naturally. Be yourself and let her see the real you. Don’t try too hard to impress her. Just have fun with her.
  • Be aggressive. Tell her that you enjoyed her company and that you would love to be with her again for another date. If she says yes, then you are one lucky guy. If she declines, ask her why.
  • Mention the things that she said about herself the first time you met. This could really win any girl. Girls feel great when they know that guys remember the things that they say.

If you can do these things successfully, you will be able to get her agree not only to a second date but to more dates.




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Date: October 3, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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