How to Get Away from a Possessive Husband

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possesive husbandBeing married with a possessive man is really a challenge. You are into an unhealthy relationship because your every action is being watched and you don’t have the freedom to do what you wish to do. It is very suffocating in the sense that he always wants you by his side. A possessive husband often tells you that he cannot live without you. When it becomes excessive, he may even prevent you from going out. Possessive people tend to be insecure, controlling and overly jealous. They become like this because of the fear of losing the one they love. If you see your boyfriend acting like this, more likely, he will be worse once you get married.

Dealing with a overly jealous partner can be really tough. You cannot help but think of leaving him because you can no longer breathe. If you have decided to leave him, it might be helpful to learn some tips on how to get away from a possessive husband.

  • Don’t tell him of your plan. He will try to stop you from doing so. He might even do something to harm you.
  • Share it to people whom you can trust. Do not just tell it to anyone. It should be kept until you have a concrete plan on how to leave him completely.
  • Ask for help. Get the support of your family and friends. At this point, you need moral support from the people around you.
  • Seek counselling. It is still better to hear some pieces of advice of a professional counselor or therapist.
  • Talk to your husband. Once everything is settled, it’s time to face him. Tell him that you are no longer happy with your marriage. Tell him that his possessiveness is killing you. When you see that he’s starting to get mad, better leave the place.

It’s not easy to leave a marriage but if it’s no longer healthy and you are unhappy with you have, better step out of it and gain back self-respect.




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Date: July 20, 2011 | Category: Marriage Problems
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