How to Get a Man to Open up

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man is opening up his feelingsMen and women were created differently. There are features of men that aren’t found in women-from the physical aspect down to the emotional aspect. Since they are very different from each other, we cannot blame them if they find it hard to compromise. Men, for instance, have their own ways of dealing with their emotions. They don’t open up so often. Very few of them can express what they feel. Only a few would come to you and say that there’s something that bothers him. Women, on the other hand, are very fond of opening up. They can talk about many things about their life. It’s actually a challenge to make your man open up. Check and learn some tips and instructions on how to get a man open up.

  • Do not pressure him up. The more you put pressure on him to make him express what he feels within him, all the more that he will try to avoid.
  • Find the right timing. Catch him when he is in good mood or when he is relaxed. It’s actually a good way to make him share what he has inside. Forcing him won’t help. Set him in the mood through his senses. A good timing would be before you make love or when you are doing a chore like cooking. You’ve got to remember that timing is everything.
  • Pay attention. When you have made him talk finally, you must listen very carefully. Do not interrupt and just lend your ears. Don’t be in a hurry to give your comments, especially the negative ones.
  • Leave the past behind. Don’t bring out past fights or grievances. They are of no use at this point.

After your man has opened up to you, you must show appreciation and gratitude for what he has done and for the trust.




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