How to Flirt with your Husband

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flirting with husbandMen are easily pleased. They don’t need extravagant gifts just to make them feel they are really loved. Their happiness is in small and free things. Your warmth as a woman is enough to awaken their spirit. The sight of a woman is simply enough to get them motivated. Their happiness is so simple. You are the happiness of your man. You are the source of inspiration. You are the one that keeps them going.

Make your man all yours. Make him feel satisfied. If you want your husband to keep his attention exclusively for you, then be a flirt in his eyes. Take a look at some steps that you can take. There are several tips on how to flirt with your husband.

  • Smell good. Wear body spray which smells seductive and sensual. This will make you irresistible in his senses. Stay close to him and make sure he really smells your scent.
  • Be sexy. Pick lingerie that would emphasize your curves and assets. Don’t be shy. You are trying to flirt with your husband, right? Be brave even if you feel you aren’t sexy with it. But it would be a lot better if you feel good about yourself.
  • Catch him by surprise. It’s always good to surprise your husband. When he is doing something, you can give him a hug from behind and let your hand explore the wonders of his body. As a wife, you should know what tickles him.
  • Give him a flirty or naughty text message when he is at work. This will excite his senses and he will rush home and be with you.
  • Whisper. Awaken his spirit through his ears. Whisper sweet nothings instead of nagging or yelling at him. This will definitely turn him on.

Even if you are now parents of several kids, you should not forget that keeping the spark in your marriage is important. You need to keep the passion burning. Don’t let it die because once it dies, you will start lose what you have. Don’t let someone do it for you. It isn’t difficult so do it and enjoy flirting with your hubby!




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Date: August 1, 2011 | Category: Flirting
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