How to Flirt with your Boyfriend

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girlfriend is firting to her boyfriendFlirting with your boyfriend is fun. It’s one great way to keep the romance and the magic in your relationship. Making your husband, boyfriend, or guy feel that you want him is really something to him. It makes him feel that you really need him. It’s a good way of expressing how much you love your boyfriend. Don’t wait for him to do the first move. Be initiative enough to make him feel you need him. Flirting with your man can be done over text or online. Read on for some ways on how to flirt with your boyfriend.

  • Bear in mind that you are attractive and adorable in his eyes. Build the confidence in you. You need to feel good about yourself. Believe in yourself that you have the power to get him.
  • Wear something that will enhance your appearance. Try wearing clothes that will emphasize your assets. He is your boyfriend and you should know how to tickle his senses. Be sexy and hot.
  • Wear a sexy perfume. It also tickles his senses.
  • Be playful and imaginative. When doing it online or over text, send him dirty jokes to express your sensual desires. Men like women who can do such things. They like you when you initiate things like this.
  • When doing it in person, focus your attention to him. You need to establish eye contact. Look into his eyes and let your eyes talk. Use body language to express what you are trying to insinuate.
  • Touch him on his shoulder as you laugh at his jokes. You can also touch his hand or arms. Caress him. This also works when you are trying to flirt with your crush.
  • Give him a big hug and a warm kiss upon meeting him. It’s a good starter actually.
  • Compliment him. Don’t forget to boost his ego. Men also love hearing compliments from women. Appreciate your boyfriend.

It isn’t bad to flirt with your boyfriend. You have the right to do it so exercise your right. Enjoy the art of flirting but know your boundaries.




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Date: April 30, 2011 | Category: Flirting
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