How to Flirt with a Shy Guy

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woman is flirting with shy guyIt is exciting and challenging to flirt with men. If you can get them using your magical tricks and strategies, then you are very skillful when it comes to flirting. But when does flirting seem to be tough? It is when you flirt with a shy guy. That would be extra challenging! But what are some ways on how to flirt with a shy guy? You’ve got to learn some tips and tricks in getting the shy guy’s attention. Let’s get started with the following:

  • The first step that you have to take is to make him like you. If you know that he is interested in you somehow, you’ll be more confident in taking the next step. How can you determine if he likes you?
  • Be gentle to him. You can get started by saying a simple hi or hello to him. Don’t be too aggressive to him. Some guys may prefer aggressive girls but shy men would prefer a girl who is less aggressive. Show your manners.
  • Get to know him deeper. Don’t judge him based on his actions. There must be reason why she acts that way and your job is to find it out.
  • Show a sense of understanding to him.
  • Once you find out your common interests, you’ve got to use those as excuses for you to be together. Let him enjoy your company. Make him feel comfortable with you.
  • Make him feel happy. Smile a lot. Use your sense of humor to get his interest.
  • Get closer to him. You can touch his hand or shoulder when you want to say something.
  • Find out his weakness when it comes to opposite sex. Use some tricks.

If a shy guy likes you, all you have to do is to help him have the courage to accept and show what he feels.




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Date: April 30, 2011 | Category: Flirting
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