How to Flirt with a Guy through Text Messages?

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flirting with guy through text messageFlirting with someone is not only done when you are together. You can also do it online or over text. You can send SMS messages that can tickle the senses of the person you are talking with. It can also be done through phone calls. But if you are a bit shy to do it through calls, you can do it over text. How can you do it? There are some subtle ways to flirt with the guy you like through text messages. Take a look at the following flirting tips:

  • The first thing that you have to do is to initiate the conversation. If you can’t wait for the guy to text you, do the first move. Well, it’s a bit embarrassing but just do it if you really want the guy, especially if he is a shy guy.
  • Send a casual message, something that does not need an immediate reply. You can send funny quotes or jokes. If the guy will respond to the message, then that goes to show that he is interested.
  • When he responds to you, don’t reply immediately. Try to compliment him to boost his ego.
  • Focus your attention to his messages. Make sure that your responses are grammatically correct. Make them short but sweet and sensible.
  • Insert some jokes in between your conversations.
  • Find a common interest so you can connect with each other. You can talk about books, movies, or music.
  • Use creative symbols to show your emotions, instead of saying them in words.
  • Once you become comfortable, send him flirty messages or cheesy pick up lines to give him an idea of your purpose. If he responds with flirty messages of his own then you got him!
  • Maintain a light conversation. Show your senses of humor so that his interest will remain.
  • If you were wondering on how to ask a guy out, well, you can ask him through jokes but better to wait for him to do the first move.

Guys are physically motivated. If you are flirting with your boyfriend over text, tell him that you miss him and that you want to kiss him. Good luck!




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Date: April 17, 2011 | Category: Flirting
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