How to Find out if your Spouse is Having an Affair

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spouse having an affairThe good thing about being into a relationship is that you always feel when something is wrong with it. If your spouse is cheating on you, you can sense it. Most of the time, your instinct is correct. However, you can’t always rely on what you feel. But then again, you cannot just ignore what you feel. You have to do something to find out if it’s true or not. You need confirmation. Check the following list of signs that your spouse is more likely having an affair.

  • Your spouse becomes secretive which is unusual because your partner used to be open. The passwords in your spouse’s emails are now new.
  • If your spouse suddenly becomes conscious with his/ her clothes and grooming, more likely, he/ she is having an affair.
  • You find contraceptive pills in her cabinet or bag and you’ve had vasectomy.
  • You find condoms in his wallet and you’ve had tubal ligation.
  • Ask for your spouse’s email or messenger password when he/ she is not expecting it. A faithful spouse will not hesitate to give his/ her password. On the other hand, if he/ she is hiding something, he/ she will be hesitant. Start suspecting. It’s already a sign that he/ she might be having an affair.
  • Your mutual friends start acting strange when they see you. This could mean that they know about your spouse’s infidelity.
  • The perfume that your spouse wears in the morning when he/ she leaves smells different when he/ she comes home.
  • When you check his/ her mobile phone, there are no sent items and the call register is clear.
  • A cheating spouse becomes either cold or extra sweet. Some cheating partners become extra sweet to hide their infidelity; others simply become cold because they are fascinated with someone else.
  • When his/ her phone rings, he/ she ignores it. He/ She doesn’t want to answer it when you are around.
  • When you talk, he/ she tries to avoid talking about his/ her activities. He/ She focuses more on you.
  • If your husband or wife has unexplained expenses, give it a double check.
  • He/ She tells you that he/ she needs to work overtime but when you check the pay slip, it’s not in there.

Sometimes your intuition is just enough to tell you that something is really wrong with your spouse. It’s even more painful when you actually see the act with your very own eyes. So what should you do once you have confirmed that your spouse is cheating on you? That’s a crucial question. It isn’t hard to let go of something that you value. Before you make any decisions, you need to confront your husband or wife. If he/ she admits him, ask him/ her to choose. You also have to consider your kids. Then ask yourself if you can still forgive and accept the person after the infidelity act. If you think it will no longer work, it might be over between you and your spouse.




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