How to Find out if a Girl has a Boyfriend

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find out if the girl has a boyfriendWhen you spend time with someone at a regular basis, sometimes you cannot avoid but fall in love with that someone. It may not be a part of your plan but there’s nothing you can do if the feeling is there already. You have to deal with it. However, your problem is that you don’t know how to go on because you have no idea if the person is attached or committed to somebody or not. Of course you need to be sure to avoid encountering problems. You don’t want to come in between a couple. Check if she is already taken without uprightly asking her. Learn some tips on how to find out if a girl has a boyfriend before you move on with your plan. Check out the instructions below.

  • If she keeps on mentioning a name of a guy all throughout your conversation, most likely she is already seeing someone else or she is into a relationship.
  • You can confirm what you feel by talking about your interests and hobbies and mentioning the people you usually hang out with. Then ask her the things she likes to do and wait for her to mention the people she usually hangs out with. There’s no direct question but you can get an idea that she spends her time with one person frequently.
  • Tell her a group plan and invite her to join. Tell her it is fine to come with her boyfriend. Listen to what she says and that will answer the question. You can figure out her relationship status with her answer.
  • Ask her out and ask if her boyfriend doesn’t mind if she goes out with you for a cup of coffee. Her answer would let you know whether she has a boyfriend or not.
  • Ask a common friend. If you don’t want to ask her directly, you can ask a common friend if she’s taken or not.

It isn’t really hard to find out if a girl is in a relationship. You can also check her status on her profile on Facebook or MySpace.




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