How to Express Love to a Woman

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express love to womanSome men find it hard to express their love for a woman. They get cold feet or they just run out of creative ideas on how to express their feelings of love. The level of pressure is really high especially if you really want to impress a particular woman. Your chance of getting noticed will be higher if you can surprise the person. Equip yourself with some tips and ways on how to express love to a woman.

  • Write a letter. Nowadays, love letters or notes have been neglected. Lovers exchange their love messages through texts or chats. The cyber world has really gone so far. Bring back the beauty of giving love letters. Write down your emotions of love in a creative and sweet way.
  • Have sincerity. Be sincere when saying the words “I love you”. Say it because you mean it. You mean it because it is true.
  • Write a poem. Challenge your poetic side through a love poem. It does not to be long. It is the e content that counts. It is the effort that matters. I am pretty sure that the girl will love reading the poem. It is original plus romantic.
  • Have a picnic at the beach. Bring with you flowers. Hide them in the basket. As you talk, give the flowers to her and then confess your love. You can also go for a walk somewhere and if you can pick wild flowers there, give it to her and say the words.

Be patient. Approach the confession slowly. Develop a strong bond with the woman. Start from there before you take the relationship to another level. Establish a good rapport with her. Gain her trust. In due time, you will be able to get the sweetest response you’d love to hear.




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