How to End an Affair with a Coworker

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end affair with coworkerOffice romance is becoming very common nowadays, including a boss-employee relationship or love affair. This may be popular now but for most companies, they still don’t allow this kind of relationship. This is the reason why the policy says you are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with your colleague.  Once you violate it, you’ll have to suffer the consequences. You have to choose between your job and your partner.

If you are into an affair with a co-worker and you just realized that it isn’t good at all but you don’t know how to do it, it might be helpful to take a look at the following list of tips and instructions on how to end an affair with a coworker.

  • Find a good timing to talk about your decision to end your relationship or affair. Go some place away from your workplace.
  • Be frank. If you have decided to end it once and for all, then tell it to your colleague. Let him/ her understand that you are starting to lose focus and that you are distracted. If you are married or your partner is married or committed to someone else, the more that you have to end it. You can still be friends after all.
  • Be firm with your decision. Mean what you said that you want to quit. Avoid the person. Maintain a distance and stick to it. If there’s a contact or communication, it should be about work, nothing else.
  • Be honest with your closure. This will help you both feel comfortable moving on and working in the same environment.
  • Learn the art of the so-called diplomacy. At least be civil with each other when you are at work. Be polite but stay aloof to avoid sending wrong messages.

For your next relationship, choose a guy or girl who will not make you feel awkward. The more comfortable you are, the healthier relationship you will share together.




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