How to End a Relationship on Good Terms

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ending a relationshipSome relationships are fated to last forever; others are meant to last only for a while.  No matter how hard you try to save a relationship if circumstances are pointing you to one direction and that is to give up, you can’t do anything to work against it.  But sometimes, saying goodbye to your partner is pretty difficult.  No matter how you try to make it easy, you really can’t.  There’s no easy way to break somebody’s heart especially if you’ve been on a good long term relationship.  However, you can make the transition a little better with your honesty and kindness.  You can consider the following ways:

  • To end love or relationship, do it in person rather than saying it through chat or over the phone.  This is one way of showing your respect to the person.  If you are into a long distance relationship, wait until you get the chance to see each other or you can do it over chat seeing each other.
  • Honesty is the best policy.  Be clear on why you want to quit or end your marriage.  Tell the person the reason why you want to break up.  Don’t fabricate reasons just to lighten the situation.  If you are having an affair with someone or you are not sexually satisfied, then tell it. Telling lies will hurt the person even more.  At least the person knows the real reason.  Don’t try to blame the person.
  • Acknowledge your shortcomings and apologize.  Reassure the person that you will always cherish the good times you had together.
  • Stay calm.  Don’t raise your voice if your partner gets angry.  The person is just upset. Try to help the person pacify himself/herself.  Don’t leave the person upset. Be sympathetic.
  • Don’t give false hope.  Don’t say that you will be together again if you don’t have any intentions of doing so.  I advice you not to toy with the person’s emotions.
  • Find a good timing to say you want to end your relationship.  Don’t say it before any major event or gathering.  Be considerate.  Don’t be in a hurry.
  • Once you have ended the relationship, stay away from the person.  This will create bitter feelings and will hurt you even more.
  • Offer friendship but don’t be intimate again or engage in any sexual activity.  This will lead to confusion.

Breaking up with someone you love is never easy.  But if it’s the best thing to do, then go on.  Consider dating with someone lese after a couple of months to show respect to the person.




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