How to End a Date Gracefully

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How to End a Date GracefullyEnding a date is not easy when you are trying to be humane.  There are many excuses that you could use to escape from it but you just can’t choose which one will work best for you at the moment. Some alibis may even sound cliché.

Dating Tips

Check the following tips and pieces of advice to guide you in ending your date with grace.

  • Prior to your date, tell the person that you can’t stay long because you have to attend a friend’s birthday party or any other things that sound believable.  This is a good strategy because if your date will not go well, then you can simply say it’s time to go because your friend is waiting for you.  However, if you enjoy your date’s company, you can say that the party has been cancelled due to technical problems.
  • Skip dessert. Eating dessert would mean you will be spending more time with the person.
  • Be honest.  Remember that honesty is the best policy. Don’t pretend that you are having a good time.  Express your thoughts if you really cannot stand being with the person a little longer.  Just think of a subtle way to tell it. Try not to be rude.  The person will certainly respect your decision and will be thankful of your honesty.
  • Thank the person for the time he/she spent with you no matter how poor it went.  It is still a good way to end it with grace.  Express your appreciation of having the chance to meet him/her.
  • Don’t try to stop or interrupt the person if he/she is talking.  Don’t be bad-mannered and impertinent.  Be graceful and protect your image.
  • Don’t try to fake an illness.  This will hurt the feelings of the person.  It’s a lot better to be honest if you want to end it gracefully.

Honesty could hurt a person sometimes but honesty will actually make you feel better and more relieved.  However, honesty should go together with compassion.






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Date: March 15, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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