How to Dump a Good Girlfriend

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dumping a good girlfriendHaving a good girlfriend is absolutely a blessing that you are thankful for. Not every guy can meet a girl who is attractive, kind, humorous, cool, thoughtful, faithful, and not clingy and demanding. Once your girl has these traits, you will not want to let her go. You will want to keep her for a long time. Unfortunately, no matter how good a girl is, there are times when you don’t feel the magic anymore. You no longer see yourself spending your future with her. The spark in your relationship is simply gone. This could be a reason for you to dump her but of course it is pretty difficult since she is good and has not done anything to hurt you. If you need some tips and suggestion on how to do it then check the following list of tips on how to dump a good girlfriend.

  • Show her signs or indicators that might give her an idea about your plan to leave her. Keep distance. Give yourself time to be alone. Let her think about your coldness. I am pretty sure it will puzzle her.
  • Talk to her. Tell her that you need a serious discussion about your relationship. This will give her an idea that there’s something big that concerns your relationship. Talk to her personally to show respect. Do not just dump her over the phone or over chat.
  • Be honest. Honesty is the best policy. It is much better to hurt someone with the truth than with lies. Just tell her how you feel. You might just learn that she also feels the same way.
  • Make her understand your decision. Know that it is not easy to accept rejection. Explain it to her. Make her feel lighter.

Give her time to heal. Refrain from calling her once you have broken up with her. Stick to your decision.




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