How to Divorce without Hurting Each Other Much

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divorce without hurtingDivorce is never an easy thing. It is actually traumatic for some people who have hoped to have a good married life. Unfortunately, not all marriages and relationships last for a long time. There are certain factors that can affect the way couples deal with each other. Challenges and issues that come along their way can either make them stronger or weaker. If they cannot overcome the challenges, the relationship will start to be rocky and weak which may lead to a divorce.

The number of marriages leading to a divorce is getting larger. Divorce actually leaves hearts broken and shattered. It causes emotional and psychological damages. But you can lessen the pain and sorrow brought by divorce. Take a look at the following tips on how to divorce without hurting each other much.

  • The divorce should be a mutual decision. If both parties are amenable with divorce, then that should lessen the pain. If you both think that it is the best thing to do since there’s no hoe in your marriage, then go for it.
  • Acceptance. Whatever situation you go through, the first step that you can take to help yourself is by accepting the situation.  If your relationship can no longer work no matter what you do, it’s probably best to accept it. Maybe it is better to just end it here. You never know what may happen once you still insist to keep it despite the obvious signs that it is failing.
  • Practice forgiveness. Let go of your resentments and ill feelings. These emotions will not help you. They will actually make you feel even worse. Let go of them and you will feel better and lighter.
  • Be subtle. Control your tongue. Watch the words that come out of it. You have to think about the impact of your words or statements before you say them. This way, you will not be hurting each other.
  • Do not be violent. Avoid engaging yourself in a heated argument which may lead you to physical violence. Walk away and find some space if you feel like exploding. Take a break.

Going through your divorce is actually a process. If you can make the situation lighter, do what you can do. Acknowledge your feelings but learn how to deal with them. Make yourself busy so you won’t be bothered by different negative feelings. Release the hatred in your heart because it will not set you free.




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Date: March 10, 2012 | Category: Marriage Problems
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