How to Discuss Hurt Feelings with Your Partner

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How to Discuss Hurt Feelings with your PartnerOne of the common problems of couples is the inability to communicate with one another. When something is going on, they just keep it inside, unafraid to tell their partner. They have fears within that prevent them from opening up. This is not a good practice because the key to a good relationship is being able to communicate what you feel. It is the relief that you find when you know that you can always talk to your partner. Most of the time, couples keep hurt feelings which is not good because they need to be discussed. What happens if they are not released? They can grow inside and may later consume the relationship. Get some tips on how to discuss hurt feelings with your partner.

  • Reflect for a while. Take a pause and reflect on what you really feel. Think about what happened and how it affected you that way. You need to do this so you can explain it to your partner.
  • Evaluate your partner. How is he/ she feeling at the moment? Is he/ she in the mood to discuss something like what you are about to do? It matters to know the condition of your partner.
  • Be clear and straightforward. Your goal is to release your hurt feelings. You must go direct to the point. There‚Äôs no use going around the bush. Make him or her understand your feelings.
  • Be honest. Through honesty you will be able to express fully your feelings. You should not sugar-coat or lie. The best thing to do is to be honest. Explain why you were hurt.
  • Release your emotions. If crying can help you express how you feel then let your tears roll down your cheeks.

Your decision to discuss your hurt feelings with your partner is something that no everyone chooses to do. You should be proud that you can actually do it.




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