How to Determine if a Woman is Single

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 know if a woman is singleWhen you are interested in a person and you don’t want to be in an awkward situation, you need to check on the availability or status of that certain person first. It also helps you decide whether you would pursue wooing the person or you would wait for another person. It is actually challenging to identify whether a person is available or not. Looks can be deceiving. You can be misled by the appearances of people.

Determining whether a person or not is also tricky. You need to be careful enough to identify her marital status. Here are some ways and tips on how to determine if a woman is single. Take a look at the following list of tips and decide whether your object of interest is single or not.

  • Check her left hand. Look at her ring finger. Check if there’s a ring worn on that finger. If there’s none, look for any tan line or mark. The presence of this mark indicates that she’s no longer available. If there’s no mark on it, then it’s possible that she is single.
  • Check her neck. If the woman is not wearing her ring, she usually puts it on her necklace as a pendant. If there is a ring in there, well, better forget about her.
  • Pay attention to her actions. If she is not talking to men and she is just limits her conversations to women, she’s probably not available and she’s tying to protect her dignity.
  • Check her page. If you know her complete name or email address, check her Facebook or MySpace page. You can see her relationship status there and even photos.
  • Talk to her friends. You can gather information from her group of friends.
  • Ask her. Be brave enough to ask if she is already committed. Be polite though.

It is much better to step back when you aren’t sure of her status. However, if you are brave enough to ask her if she is available or not, then that would be a lot better.




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