How to Decline a Date Invitation

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How to Decline a Date InvitationNot all date invitations that we get or receive interest us. There are times when we have to reject or refuse the invitation to go on a date. We have varied reasons. One reason could be you are currently in a relationship or you are simply uninterested with the person who is inviting you. However, rejecting a date invitation isn’t easy. It is actually hard to say you decline the invitation. It’s even harder when your reason is you don’t like the person.

To reject a date is to hurt a person. No matter how you make it polite or nice, you will still hurt the person one way or another. But you don’t have to accept it just to avoid hurting the person. Why should you let yourself suffer from a date that you don’t like from the start?

But let’s make it easier for you through the help of the following tips and instructions on how to decline a date invitation.

  • Say thanks for the interest to take you out on a date. But you also have to say that you are not going.
  • Be honest. Don’t try to fabricate lies for declining. Simply tell your reasons. Telling lies will only make the situation more uncomfortable.
  • Explain that you have prior plans and apologize for not going.
  • Don’t make promises that you are going some other time if you don’t mean it. Don’t give false hopes because you will hurt the person even more.
  • Give a specific reason for not going. But as much as possible avoid saying uprightly that you are not interested in dating the person. It’s safer to say that you are not interested in dating.

This manual aims to help you decline a date politely to avoid causing so much pain.




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Date: September 22, 2011 | Category: Dating Tips
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