How to Deal with Unwanted Pregnancy

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unwanted pregnancyPregnancy can be a very fulfilling part of life. It can be a great source of happiness for couples who have been wishing for a baby. A successful pregnancy is a blessing for every married couple. However, it becomes a problem or burden when it is unexpected or unwanted. An unplanned pregnancy can even ruin a good relationship if it’s not handled well. On the other hand, if you get pregnant and unmarried, this will put you and your family into shame. It is such a terrifying experience of your life. If you are into a situation like this, you’ve got to learn some tips on how to deal with unwanted pregnancy.

  • Acceptance. Accept the situation. Don’t be in denial. It’s there already and you cannot fool yourself that it’s just a dream.
  • Trust your parents. Most teenagers who are into this kind of situation are afraid to face their parents and tell the truth. They are so scared to face the consequences of their act. However, in this kind of situation, the better thing to do is to be honest to your parents. You need their presence. You need the comfort that only parents could give. If they can accept you no matter what, then it’s something that you should be thankful of.
  • Discuss the matter with your partner. Remember that you didn’t do it yourself. It was a collaborative effort. You are both accountable with the result. Hear him out. Listen to what he is thinking of or planning to do with the situation. He has to have a decision.
  • Get rid of the idea of abortion. It’s not the best solution for your problem. The baby is your own flesh and blood. Can you afford to kill a budding life? Don’t include abortion in your options. You may not see the baby as a blessing at this point but you will realize it when you see how beautiful she is.

Keep the baby. No matter how difficult it is to deal with your unwanted pregnancy, you’ve got to learn to love the life inside you. Treasure it as your precious gem. Your life will be more meaningful once you embrace the blessing you have.




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