How to Deal with Feelings of Rejection after Divorce

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feeling of rejection after divorceDivorce may be a relief for couples who can no longer fix their marriage but most divorcees have feelings of rejection after a divorce. It also causes other painful emotions like anger, grief, and confusion. This is particularly true for parties who did not really want to end up a marriage with a divorce or separation. But unfortunately, it did happen for some reason. Divorcing your spouse isn’t that easy. There are emotional and financial issues that come with it. It really has huge emotional impacts to anyone. Dealing with it may also be pretty hard but it might become easier with the help of some tips and instructions.

  • Don’t blame yourself. One thing that triggers feelings of rejection is when you put all the blame on you. You should avoid it because the more you feel guilty of what has happened to your relationship, all the more that you will feel rejected.
  • Stay positive. The day you received the divorce papers may be the darkest day of your married life but you should not focus your eyes on it. Look at the other side. There are reasons for everything that happens. Hope for the best.
  • Keep yourself busy. If your mind is occupied, there’s no time for you to think of the devastating experience you are going through.
  • Have fun. Don’t stay at home alone. Avoid being alone in a quiet place. It is during silence that you remember painful memories. Go out with friends and enjoy your life.
  • Get a professional help. If you think you need a counselor, then go on. It means that you are brave enough to admit that you go through such experience.

Time will heal the wound in your heart. You only need to be patient in waiting because no one knows when it’s going to be healed fully.




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