How to Deal with a One-Sided Relationship

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How to Deal with a One-Sided RelationshipA healthy relationship requires both parties to have mutual feelings. They need to share the same feelings so they can enjoy their togetherness. It is the love that binds them together. Unfortunately, there are some one-sided relationships. If you are into this kind of relationship, you don’t deserve what you are getting from your partner. You keep on giving but not getting anything romantic in return. Learn how to deal with a one-sided relationship with the following tips.

  • Assess your feelings. You need to be prepared with what you are going to tell your partner. Before you even approach him or her, you’ve got to understand how you feel first.
  • Find a good timing. Once you have decided what you are going to tell your partner, the next step that you have to take is to find time to talk to him/ her. Talk to your partner when he/ she is in good mood.
  • Discuss what you need. Tell your partner that you also need affection. Express your need to feel that you need to be loved and taken care of. You might just realize that your partner does not have the intention to make you feel neglected. You need to hear his/ her explanation.
  • Make your partner understand why you need to feel that your feelings are reciprocated. Explain that in order for a relationship to work, it should be two-way. Both parties need to do their part.

Communicating your feelings is still the best way to bridge any gap in your relationship. Your assumptions and feelings may not be always true. Just give time for your partner to explain his or her side.




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